Reconstruction & Build Back

If you experience fire, water, wind or smoke damage to your home or business, it will likely be one of the worst experiences you may ever live through. Life that was routine only hours before is suddenly disrupted beyond belief – and any interruption of business can spell disaster for many companies. The byproducts of combustion are highly corrosive, making time critical in the reconstruction process. Emergency Response Service (ERS) by DI Repairs brings you much needed expertise in the immediate mitigation of further damage. The proper cleaning and protection of many metals and other materials can mean the difference between quick, cost effective restoration or costly replacement.

The reconstruction process is much more complicated than any other construction project. DI has been restoring property damaged by fire for years. Our specialized team has restored thousands of fire-damaged properties, ranging from small smoke losses to 20 story commercial properties. Our team will work with you from initial emergency services, through damage evaluation and project cost estimation, to negotiation with your insurance company for a satisfactory understanding for all. Our enormous resources and large in-house staff of carpenters and craftsmen are ready to deploy for you.

Once your water or fire damage has been properly mitigated, DI has skilled tradesmen that can provide build back services to your damaged areas and restore your building to its original state. We recognize how frustrating it is to have your home or building damaged and it is our goal to meet whatever timeline is required to return the area to its intended use.

DI employs tradesmen who can perform the following in-house build-back services: Drywall, framing flooring, general carpentry and painting.

As a general contractor, DI maintains a pre-qualified list of subcontractors who can perform specialized trades. We will serve as the project manager to hire, oversee and guarantee workmanship of specialty trades such as electrical, plumbing, mechanical, roofing, and more, according to the scope defined. Call now for a fair quote from your build-back services experts.