Landscaping Experts

DI brings a wide diversity of skilled professionals, each with specialized knowledge and extensive landscape development experience. Our team is trained in the latest construction methodologies and equipped with the tools to complete your landscape construction project efficiently.

Landscape Construction Management Projects

No job is too small or too large, as our commercial maintenance services division is fully supported by the commercial service and construction team. Our team will handle the repair of damage due to everyday wear and tear, storm events, vandalism, car collisions, or any other situation that may arise.

You can feel confident that your project will be completed quickly and efficiently once reported. Our team will provide photographs of the original damage and the completed project with all invoicing. We also review work completed with your on-site representative to ensure they are satisfied with our service. We stock common parts for our clients to reduce downtime and cost.

Softscape Landscaping and Planting

Landscaping starts with the acquisition of high-quality plants, which our experienced team will source for you. Taking design into account, the landscaping installation will also consider irrigation needs to minimize the ongoing maintenance cost for your landscape installation.

Hardscape Landscaping

Hardscaping is the art of integrating decks, patios, gazebos, pathways, brickwork, and masonry into your outdoor space. Well executed hardscaping can improve visitor traffic and safety as well as protect your property against soil erosion. With specialized skills and years of experience, the DI Repairs team is qualified to build these permanent structures.

Water Features

Water features add motion and atmosphere to any landscape construction project. We will address all the technical challenges of bringing water, power and the right materials together in the right location. Whether it is a high impact fountain, waterfall, babbling brook or pond, the installation will be an aesthetically pleasing, safe and low maintenance feature.