Property Condition

As a full service maintenance and construction company, we are experts in assessing the current condition of both residential and commercial properties and making recommendations to help keep your property in serviceable condition for the long term. We also specialize in inspecting properties prior to purchase and in both cases can provide a detailed report of all of our findings and recommendations.

For the purposes of inspection and evaluation, all buildings can be broken down into their component systems. This method of analysis helps to identify areas of concern and put them into perspective.

During the course of our inspection, the following areas will be considered:


The foundation will be checked for type and visible condition, including evidence of damage, deterioration or settling. The Bay Area has a lot of older homes, many with brick foundations that may need upgrades to address seismic safety. We are very familiar with older housing stock, and we can provide intelligent opinions and suggestions for improvements.


The structure will be examined for adequacy of exposed framing, significant damage or deterioration, related settlement and building modifications. The examination will include a thorough check of exterior and interior surfaces, floor condition, attic framing and insulation. We will check for seismic retrofit work, and point out options for upgrades.


We check for type and condition of supply and waste lines, including drains, vents and traps. Visible leakage or weaknesses in the system will be noted. The water heater and heating system will be analyzed for type and condition.


The electric service and branch wiring, where visible, will be checked for capacity and condition. Unsafe electrical practices (unprotected conductors, ungrounded plugs, faulty wiring) will also be pointed out.


During the inspection, the type of roof will be identified and its condition assessed. Visible signs of leakage will be noted and discussed. Conditions of gutters, downspouts, flashing and rain caps will also be noted.

Non-System Items

These are the items that do not fit conveniently into the other five classifications. Our inspection includes a visual examination of fireplaces, patio and sidewalks, fencing and retaining walls.