Electrical Services

Our solid team of certified journeymen electricians is committed to quickly assessing and repairing any electrical and lighting issues on your property. DI, possesses strong capabilities in electrical troubleshooting, with timely resolution as a priority. In addition, DI electricians are on the watch for any signs of trouble so that we’re able to educate our clients on issues before they become a major expense.

When planning any major construction renovation or upgrades to your property, consult DI to trace out all electrical circuits prior to demolition of sidewalks and parking lots, thereby eliminating costly repairs to lighting conduits that may occur.

Services include:

  • Electrical Troubleshooting
  • Conduit Repair
  • Infrared Testing
  • GFI Testing
  • Temporary Power (Portable Light Towers)
  • Bulb & Ballast Replacement
  • Outlet Repairs/Replacement
  • Installation of Dedicated Circuits
  • Electrical Panel and Switch Gear Replacement

Infrared testing is a valuable process that allows our technicians to scan all bussing, fuse blocks, circuit breakers, and contractors for hot spots that could cause potential issues. Using an infrared high resolution camera, DI is able to conduct the infrared testing and compile a detailed report with results and recommendations to help minimize liability for our clients.

Among other services, our electricians provide conduit repair, installation of dedicated circuits, and setup of temporary power for emergency situations.