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Turn Over Project & Service Maintenance

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Turn Over


We’re thrilled to bring you the latest edition of our newsletter, spotlighting the successful completion of our recent renovation endeavor. This turn over project has truly been a labor of love, as we meticulously sourced, revamped, and refreshed every corner of the space. From the meticulous installation of new fixtures to the seamless patching and painting, every detail has been carefully considered. Join us as we delve into the scope of accomplishments, celebrating the transformation of each room and unveiling the magic in the meticulous.

Living room




Electrical | Appliances | Windows

Welcome to one more of our enhancements maintenance services. In this installment, we delve deeper into the recent scope of completed tasks, each contributing to the overall comfort and functionality of the customer living spaces. From addressing specific issues like window handles and blinds, to ensuring safety with electrical updates, our commitment to maintaining a seamless living experience remains unwavering. Check up on to discover the meticulous details of our recent accomplishments as we continue to prioritize your peace of mind and convenience.

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