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unit Remodel Project & Contract Maintenance

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unit remodel


We are thrilled to share the details of this comprehensive unit remodel that involved transforming a space into a stunning living environment. The project encompassed a range of improvements, including the installation of new drywall, windows, cabinets, and appliances. To enhance the overall aesthetic and functionality, we also undertook a complete remodel of the ceiling and bathroom. Take a moment to explore the before and after photos, and witness the remarkable journey from a dated space to a modern and inviting sanctuary.

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unit remodel

Service | Contract Maintenance

At DI Repairs, we understand the importance of regular contract maintenance to ensure that our customers’ properties remain in pristine condition. For one of our longstanding clients, we have been providing monthly maintenance services for several years, ensuring their satisfaction and peace of mind. Our attention to detail extended beyond the landscape, as we diligently wiped down fencing and stair handrails, leaving them spotless and well-maintained.  With our contract maintenance services, we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional care and support to our valued customers.


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